"Transforming Lives through Faith-Based Principles, Mindset, and Disciplines"

We believe you too can have healthy lasting relationships;

but Great Relationships require Time, Commitment, & Dedication. 

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About Forever Changed:

We are a couples ministry with 14 years of experience volunteering a lot of time within another global marriage and relationship ministry. Our goal is to help you change your life and relationships one day, and one step at a time. Change is often hard and takes time and dedication. 

We are here to walk alongside you to help you set relationship goals and to help you step by step through accountability, small groups, relationship events, or personal coaching!   Life is often hard, and we all encounter hardships and those unexpected challenges along the way.  


Our Vision and Mission:  Changed Lives that Change Lives

Our goal is to share principles and resources with you that will change your life, and in return, you will share them with others, and change their life and their Legacy. 

We certainly don't have all the answers, as we are still learning and working on ourselves. We have had some tough situations in our lives, and we sometimes wonder how we can help others find hope and a way through. One thing we know, we have been changed by the numerous events, small groups, counseling, and coaching, and we are simply sharing what we have both learned and applied in our own lives, and what we have seen others do in their lives. 

We hope you feel free to browse around the site, and email or call us if you have questions. We would love to talk with you, as we feel everyone can grow stronger in themselves, and their relationships.

Relationships are often the most rewarding or hurtful. The hardest thing is when your closest relationship turns against you.


We can't share them all... but here is a couple of recent ones...

 Personal Coaching

Let's talk a little about Coaching, and how it could help you to grow personally. Personal time with a coach is what has really helped us to get from struggling to thriving. Coaching isn't just having someone who tells you it's all going to be ok, but rather someone who will hold you accountable to do what you commit to doing.  If you would like to explore personal coaching, please feel to reach out at www.NextStepMindset.com  As your coach, I will get to know you, your goals, and your desires, and then together we will come up with an action plan.

Make sure you check out our Truth Community as Well!