Blended Families

Welcome to our Blended Family Page.

If you find yourself in a blended family situation, we totally understand if you feel a little frustrated at times. Though we all tend to think that ending the tough situation we are currently in, and looking for another better or easier one is the way to go, many times we fail to identify the challenges ahead with blending hearts, homes, families, and extended families. You see, blended families are a whole new and completely different dynamic. Now we all have baggage, and possibly even ex's trying to give input, as well as in-laws and past in-laws, parents, and grandparents, who all want to still be a part of the kid's lives. That makes holidays a whole new type of complication, and making everyone happy, probably feels impossible.

Tips to Thrive in a blended family scenario:

  1. Don't ever get upset at a former family member who simply wants to continue a relationship.

  2. Drop most of your expectations, as unmet expectations only cause more tension and strife.

  3. Attend a blended family event in order to better understand the pressures, and to connect with others.

We have another couple that is a blended family that works closely with us and can help you navigate these troubled waters.

Event Options:

Blended and Blessed (currently virtual-only available)