Marriage Events

Our marriage events vary depending on the event, and where it is located. Some will be longer (in person) events where you can make it more of a romantic getaway, some will be smaller more intimate events, while some will be virtual events that you can participate in from anywhere.

It looks like our next "In person" event will be located in Columbiana OH. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about the different events, dates, and locations, or if you or your church/organization would like to host an event.

Live Event options:

Art of Marriage (Fri-Sat event)

Forever Changed Marriage (Fri-Sat event)

Love Like You Mean It (Fri-Sat event)

Virtual Event Options:

Art of Marriage (Virtual)

Fanning the Flames of Romance (Virtual)

Forever Changed Marriage (Virtual)

Laugh your way to a better marriage (Virtual)

Love Like You Mean It (Virtual)