Small Groups

Some of our Small groups are done virtually as it is tough to make everyone's schedules blend perfectly. Our small groups are a great place to learn together with other couples on things like marriage, parenting, blended family challenges, money, conflict, communication, and so many more.

Most of our small groups are private intimate groups where you get to know each participant and their personal struggles, as well as see their wins and celebrate with them. Small groups are a great place for accountability, interaction and learning, and most importantly application.

Transformation comes only via application and change.

Nothing changes if nothing changes!

Small group Topics:

Spiritual Conflict Resolution

Living Romance Resolving Anger

Communication Forgiveness

Recovering from Pain Parenting

Love & Romance Co-Parenting

Money Blended Family

In order to join & participate:

  1. Contact us immediately to see what group you can plug into. Contact Us

  2. Carve out the time in your schedule, and make sure you show up every week. You won't learn or grow from the events you miss.

  3. Apply the principles you learn, and don't just hope things will get better. We can share principles all day long, but that only increases your knowledge, where application creates transformation.